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Real Estate IDX Services

$274.89 Yearly Price: Get One Month FREE by paying yearly. Normaly $24.99 p/m


$24.99 Pay Monthly Each Month


Buy a new domain name here from me.

New Website Setup - Example

$299.99 one time set up fee - Set up a new Website system for real estate - Install themes/layouts on the fly as well as thousands of extra widgets and features instantly. You will now be in control of your online marketing with the most powerful system in the world. I install all the greatest extras in the beginning for you such as real time stats, ipad and cellphone compatibility.


Extra Features You might want to add.

$109.89 p/year - Simple IDX for existing web sites. - Add IDX search to your existing site via Iframe. It's easy to add and I will help you. Simply paste some code and you are up and running. $9.99 p/month with one month FREE for paying yearly. Example


Ipad / Tablet PC Websites - Example

$149.99 Yearly Price: Add a Real Estate site custom built for Ipads to your current real estate IDX site from Brimultimedia


Ipad Online Web App for IDX customers Only - Example

$549.89 Yearly - This is a tricked out Ipad app that doesn't install from Itunes but from your website. No Apple program restrictions yet it sets up on your customers ipads and runs just like an online app. $49.99 a month with one month free for paying yearly. Yes it has Facebook login integration and sharing.


Cellphone Websites - Nearly Ready for Prime Time - Example

$149.99 Yearly Price: Add a Cell Phone Version to your Real Estate IDX Site.


Facebook Apps

$109.89 p/year - For Individual Agents. Get your real estate IDX on Facebook. Have an app created for your facebook Fan Page that runs inside of Facebook via Iframe. Awesome way to keep your Customers Engaged. Example - What good is a Facebook App? Wouldn't you like your logo on every persons Facebook Profile like this one? Twin Falls Real Estate.


Marketing And Support Services

$300 p/month - Advanced Monthly SEO Marketing - Direct sitemap submissions to the biggest search engines and a bunch of other secret recipies I have in my system to maximize your Online Marketing exposure. Proven results for years on end. Example of sites I have top rankings for with the most powerful keywords - Top 3 are mine. Canyonside, Magic Valley and tfrealtors.


$65 p/hour - Need programing, HTML, or Internet Marketing help with your site? Buy it by the hour.


Computer Clean-up Service

$79.99. Computer running slow? Need programs removed and the system updated with the latest security? Need your hard drive cleaned up so it will perform better? I can do that for you in most cases overnight. Schedule an apointment for computer pick up locally in Southern Idaho.


Due to rising costs and constant upkeep of expensive servers and maintenance costs all bills must be brought current within 30 days to prevent suspension of accounts.

Thank you,

Brian Blake


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